Wandering About Us?

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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Lisa…
…and this is Mat.

We felt it was important to set clear intentions for our photography and have shared them below in case you were curious what we’re all about.

Our Focus

Peaceful Places and Compelling Creatures

Our Mission

To welcome you to a wanderful world

We share our stories of life, love, passion, and adventure.

We venture into new places full of wonder, awe, amusement, and excitement.

The wonders of the world awaken awe within us.

What we do…

We share photo essays focused on natureโ€™s essence

Our Vision

Vibrant visuals validating the value of vulnerable voices

Our Values

Picturesque Priorities

Adventurous & Awe Inspiring Advocacy
Bold & Balanced Beauty
Curious & Kind Creativity
Generous Gratitude
Spontaneous Sustainability
Thorough & Timely Transparency

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Sending you good vibes. ~Lisa & Mat