Amber Falls

On our last day of our photo adventure around Sapphire, NC, Mat and I were checking out of our cute little inn and discussing with our hostess, Amber, how we love discovering hidden gems off the beaten path.

She told us of a place her friends took her to when she first moved to the area and some landmarks to go off of since it was not on the map or easily accessible.

So we set off on our final day of chasing waterfalls with a very vague idea of where we were heading and no idea of what was in store for us.

After parking on the side of a super sketchy winding road and walking up an empty lot driveway, we found a tiny trail that had been worn down from the locals and figured it must be what we were looking for!

After about 5 minutes of hiking into the forest with no clear direction of where the waterfall hid, we started to hear the rolling waters and started trailblazing toward it.

Alas, after about 15 minutes of hiking through the brush, we were left awestruck at the wild yet tranquil falling waters in front of us.

We spent more time here than any other waterfall during our trip because of it’s raw beauty.

I feel so grateful that Amber shared her secret spot with us.

Since there was not a pin on Google maps, I added it as Amber Falls in honor of her kindness and inspiration.

Photography by Mathew Younger

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