Eastatoe Falls

To wrap up our year, Mat and I took a road trip to fall in love all over again.

Over the 4 day photo excursion, we engulfed ourselves in the forever flowing fountains of GA and NC.

These photos are from one of the 19 falls we managed to hike to in the wet winter weather.

Imagine having a waterfall in your back yard…

One gracious family in Rosman, NC does! 

Check out their hidden gem at Eastatoe Falls.


Photography by Mathew Younger

I love sharing photos like these of inspiring places in nature on Google maps because it is why I started using maps in the first place. When I felt lost in life and didn’t know where to go, I would scroll around the map looking for nooks of nature to escape to. Places with the best photos always attracted me and so I felt inspired to share my views of the places that made the most impact on me after each of my experiences.

I hope these photos encourage you to get out there and find some place magical.

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