Grassy Creek Falls

The stroll down to this waterfall was like taking a walk in the neighborhood.

After meandering downhill for about a mile, it was quite surprising to find this grandiose display with about as many tiers of falling water as a wedding cake!

The handful of visitors we passed were focused on standing under the base of the main falls, so we headed down to the third lightly trekked path to get a broader perspective. It was gorgeous!

After making our way down a slightly sketchy hill of loose dirt, leaves, and young trees sprouting from the ground, I paused to get my bearings.

Unfortunately, my moment of absorbing the scene was abruptly attacked…. by hornets! I had stepped on their underground hive and they were pissed!

In a moment of shear terror, I scaled up the waterfall about 10 strides and took about 12 stings before they retreated.

Knowing my brother is allergic to bees, I rapidly began freaking out inside realizing that this beautiful grassy cliff may have been my last adventure.

After assessing my wounds and noting that the swelling was not increasing, I took a moment to breathe and appreciate the vibrancy of my surroundings thanks to the adrenaline pumping through my veins.

What had started as a simple sightseeing excursion ended as a sensational surrender to the powers of nature.