Tallulah Point Overlook

To wrap up our year, Mat and I took a road trip to fall in love all over again.

Over the 4 day photo excursion, we engulfed ourselves in the forever flowing fountains of GA and NC.

These photos are from one of the 19 falls we managed to hike to in the wet winter weather.

I had not planned on stopping by here since the main photo made it seem like a tourist trap. However, after getting rained out at Tallulah Gorge State Park and needing to catch our breath from the 600+ stairs we had to climb at the park, we decided to drive up here to see what it was worth.
So glad we did!

Since the rains were so heavy that day, there were waterfalls coming down the mountain like crazy! This aerial waterfall took our breath away as we parked on the side of the road and gawked for a few minutes.

Well worth viewing if you’re going to be visiting Tallulah Falls.


Photography by Mathew Younger

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